Cambridgeshire contingent visit Hiroshima for Peace Programme

As part of the peace programme, the Cambridgeshire unit visited Hiroshima to represent our region in the celebrations of the peace following the devastation of the Hiroshima atomic bomb, which remembers its 70th anniversary on the 6th August this year.

In wandering around the site, the young people were struck by the beauty and peacefulness of the area, despite all that the city has been though.


Laura Fagg from Cromwell District said

It's so beautiful here, you wouldn't know that it has such a sad history.

Lydia Hayler reflecting on the museum at Hiroshima

If this event never took place and time here in Hiroshima continued, would we know what place really is?


Charlie Wayne (Cambridge district) stood in the peace conference to share how he felt moved by the experience.

I am pleased that we of all cultures have gathered here today, and I think that the progress made in rebuilding and developing Hiroshima into the beauty that it is today is real credit to the unity of the Japanese people and is a good message to us that peace is possible even after these devastating events.