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Training Resources

There are currently 38 modules in the Scout Association's adult training program of which it is usual that most leaders only require to undertake modules 1 to 19, dependant on the role. See the training module matrix below.

pdf  Module Matrix

The modules vary in content and the requirement to undertake these modules will be discussed between yourself and your training advisor whilst considering your life skills and experiences. See the link below for the overview content of each module.

Module Guidance Notes

The training requirements of an appointment have certain time scales attributed to them and these are as follows:

Section Leaders
Modules 1, 2 and 3 - Getting Started training and needs to be completed within the first 5 months.

Modules 5 – 19 are to be completed within 3 years of your appointment.


Group Manager Roles
Module 4 together with other relevant modules from Module 20 to 25 as required. 

Manager roles are supported by specialist advice and resources from Headquarters and these can be found at the following link:


Manager Resources

The downloadable module matrix below contains further information on the modules, along with their aims, topics and methods for learning. This free resource is also available from the information centre.


Training Events

No events

Training Contacts

Brian Richmond
County Training Manager for Delivery