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Cubs Water Activities Weekend at Grafham Water

This weekend has seen over 180 Cubs from all over Cambridgeshire take part in the first Cubs Water Activities Badge Days at Grafham Water Activities Centre. Cubs from Hadenham, Wisbech, St Neots, Whittlesford and Duxford, Sutton and Brampton all enjoyed a windy sunny Saturday during their 9 hour challenging day. Of which 6 hours was spent on the water in a variety of craft and 3 hours spent learning vital water safety skills.

Elaine Chamberlain from Cambridgeshire Scouts said

“this is the first time Cambridgeshire County Scouts have organised a Water Activities Weekend for Cubs and the whole weekend would not have been possible without a small team of a dozen Scout Leaders. These adult volunteers have put on a fantastic event for the Cubs over the weekend.
They have lead new activities like dry water slaloming, where a Cub wears a slalom kayak like a large skirt, it could be an Olympic Sport. Just imagine Cubs from all over trying and negotiate the twisty course without hitting a control gate.”

Cub Olly from Whittlesford and Duxford said

“it was great fun sailing on yellow boats on the lakes as we sailed out to the buoy on our own. We have learnt about water safety in games and other fun activities”

Cub Phoebe said

“the best bit about the weekend is the adventures we are having learning new skills”