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Beavers in Tents 2016

Nearly 50 Beavers camping in tents in one field over two nights might sound like a logistical headache for some, but for a small group of volunteers at the Copley Scouting Centre in St Ives this weekend it was a challenge they relished.



After arriving and putting up tents on Friday night in the rain, the Beavers (and Leaders!!) enjoyed a much deserved hot dog to enjoy- cooked themselves on a stick over a fire- before taking part in a series of team building activities so that Beavers from different colonies could get to know each other and make new friends. 


It was then to the campfire circle to get stuck in to lively renditions of popular campfire songs as well as hearing jokes, songs and sketches from the Beavers themselves, before winding down and getting ready for bed. For Leo from 1st Benwick Beavers it was his first night EVER sleeping in a tent as well as many other of the Beavers.


It was an early start for the Beavers- up and ready with a belly full of breakfast ready to start the day of fun activities, with much to offer, from fire lighting, a treasure hunt, backwoods cooking as well as a team challenge which involves getting a ball into a bucket using only lengths of pipes. 


Camp then began to draw to a close for the Beavers, who went home tired but with big smiles on their faces. However for the dedicated set of volunteers this was only half the story, and they ran the whole thing again with a new set of Beavers on Saturday night! Congratulations to the new Beavers invested this weekend from Benwick and Milton! 


James Traynor

Youth Media Team