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County CEC update 18th June 2013

Cambridgeshire County Scout Council Executive Committee feels that it is important to continue to keep all members and other interested parties fully up to date regarding the proposed sale of Little Abington Scout Campsite. Over recent weeks there have been several developments and the previous information that was made available on this website was no longer up-to-date and so has been removed to avoid confusion.

The County Scout Council Executive Committee is currently working on a revised set of Frequently Asked Questions and background information and we aim to publish this information very shortly. This information will address the questions that have been raised with the County in recent weeks. It will also reiterate and clarify how the decision to dispose of the site was taken, the benefits to Cambridgeshire Scouting from the sale of the site, and how the money raised from the sale may be used.

We are currently in dialogue with the local parish council and hope to conclude matters with a positive outcome.
As matters move forward we will update this web site with information about the site. Our aim is to use these web pages as a way to keep all those interested in the Abington campsite as up to date as possible.