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CEC Statement 15th June 2013

Negotiations with regards to the bidding process for the sale of the Abington Camp Site are currently under way between representatives of the County Executive Committee and interested parties. It is hoped that a meeting to take things forward will be arranged by South Cambridgeshire District Council within the next two weeks. The County Executive Committee representatives have welcomed this approach by Councillor Ray Manning, Leader of South Cambridgeshire District Council, and have given his meeting proposals their full support. A statement about progress will be issued, if appropriate, after that meeting. 

In the meantime so that all parties can concentrate, without distraction, on their proposals for the sale and purchase, and after careful consideration and in the spirit of trying to further progress on the Campsite, the County Executive Committee has decided to remove the previously published information about the Abington Camp Site review from the website. In doing this the Committee has taken into consideration various opinions about these statements and whilst the Committee does not necessarily agree with those opinions, it wishes to ensure that the progress which has recently been made in discussing the disposal of the camp site is not jeopardised.

It is hoped, that by doing this, the various parties can allow these discussions to continue without the continuing barrage of emails from certain quarters which are having a negative effect on the CEC and the discussions.