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Compass Update

In the previous edition of ShoutOut it was announced that Compass was to be relaunched on a phased basis. Phase one users (County and District Commissioners, Appointments Secretaries and a new temporary appointment of Superuser) now have access to the Compass adult membership database. This launch of Compass contains no youth data nor youth functionality, which is something being considered for the future.


The intention is that phase one users will review members records and make any amendments or updates necessary due to changes of role, new appointments, getting started training completed, etc. that may not have been entered while Compass was off-line.

After a few weeks phase two users (GSLs, Explorer Commissioners and Active Support Unit Managers) will have access to check the records for adults in their groups or sections.

Phase three users (training team members) will have access a few weeks later and will be able to update training records and recommend wood badges where applicable.

Phase four will give access to everyone by which time member records should be complete and up to date.

When Compass was initially launched it soon became obvious that many of the questions being asked of Scout Info Centre related to member roles, start dates, training completed, permits held, etc., much of which required local knowledge to resolve. The appointment of Superusers is to provide a local contact who will have access in Compass across a range of functionality and, working with Appointment Secretaries, Commissioners and Training Teams, will be able to update records without Info Centre involvement.

There is a Superuser in each of our Districts. It may be the Appointments Secretary, the District Commissioner or someone else appointed to the role, but the key thing is they are your local contact for any Compass data related queries or use of Compass functions if you cannot find how to do something in the User Guides– . Your District Commissioner will let you know who your District’s Superuser is and how they should be contacted.

To support the District Superusers there is a County Superuser (Colin Daniels) and Compass Champion (Jackie Daniels).