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Adult Awards

As many of you will know The Scout Association provides a scheme of formal recognition for good adult service and special acts of bravery, courage, and endurance and quick thinking in the face of danger for both youth and adult members. Nominations for many of the awards can be made at any time but for some, known as St George’s Day Awards, there is strict timetable.  St George’s Day Awards include Silver Acorn, Bar to the Silver Acorn, and Silver Wolf.

Nominations can be made by individuals, Groups or District through District and County Commissioners to the Scout Headquarters’ Awards Board.  This is a reminder that if anyone is considering making a nomination for next year’s St George’s Day Awards then they need to move fast.  The process takes several months and all nominations for these awards must be with the Awards Board at Headquarters by the end of August.

Nominations for Awards for Merit, Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service etc can be submitted and awarded at any time of the year.

Please submit any nominations to the county office, for the attention of the County Commissioner or e-mailed directly to the CC..

Further details of all the awards can be found at