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Adventurous Activities

These next pages give fun, challenging, adventurous, exhilarating Activities and some have an element of controlled risk.

Activities, can be character building and teach team spirit. Every Scout should be given the chance to try one or more adventurous activities.

The primary role of the County activities team is to support the provision of activities, enabling young people to take part in adventure and challenge themselves, whist making sure this is done safely & within the rules of UK Scouting. With the correct equipment, instruction and leadership these can become very enjoyable activities. Within Cambridgeshire, teams exist to teach many aspects of Land Activities to both Young Persons and to Adults.

The Activities team is headed up by Tony Best, as ACC Activities. Within his role, Tony manages all the activity instructors and assessors for the County. Tony is the right person to go to for advice on anything to do with activities, camping permits and the rules that need to be followed when running or taking part in activities.

Land Activity Permit Assessors

The Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme lists those activities for which a permit is required and who can assess members for technical competency in each permit. If you would like to gain an activity permit please contact your preferred assessor directly to discuss arrangements.

Cambridgeshire Assessors for Land activities include:


Mary Watson

Philip Watson

Climbing & Abseiling

Malcolm Flatt

Rob Butcher

Hillwalking (Summer)

Malcolm Flatt

Pete Popham

Rob Butcher

Tony Best

Hillwalking (Winter)

Pete Popham

Fancy a walk on the Wild Side?

Introducing ‘The Amazing Animal Man’ – providing visits and talks to Groups, on the importance of conservation of wild life and the environment needed to help sustain the diversity of species within our country, and the wider world. 

See first hand the creatures that he brings (no dangerous, or poisonous animals). These include snakes, spiders and the New Caledonian giant gecko. Also artefacts such as giant snake skins and animal snares removed from the rainforest and photography.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel 07742054870


Archery Opportunity

Old Oundle Bowmen Archery Club, based  behind the Plough Pub on Milk and Water Drove between Stanground and Pondersbridge has  been running group taster sessions and beginner courses for youth and community groups in the area. 

They have enjoyed working with other groups of young people and would like to offer some sessions for us. 

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Hanging Around?

Group Climbing was set up to supply Scout Groups with good quality climbing equipment at the best prices possible. Having been involved as climbing and hill walking assessors for over 15 years they appreciate the difficulties of purchasing good quality group climbing equipment at a competitive price.

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  • Land Activities

    Land Activities incorporates many Scout Activities that happen on or below the Land. The list includes, amongst other activities; Hillwalking, Scrambling, Rock climbing, Via Ferrata, Skiing, Snowboarding, Pot Holing, Caving, Mine Exploration, Abseiling and Glacier Exploration.

  • Water Activities

    Water Activities includes all those things that happen on or below the water. The list includes, among other things, Canoeing, Kayaking, Dinghy Sailing, Water Skiing, Keelboat Sailing, Pulling (rowing), Narrowboating, Bellboating, Windsurfing, Offshore Sailing, Sub Aqua, Whitewater Rafting, Floating Campsite, Powerboating, Dragon Boats, Raft Building, Jet Skiing.

  • Air Activities

    Air activities incorporates those activities that happen above the surface of our planet, even if only by a few millimeters. The list includes; Parascending, Gliding, Ballooning, Microlight Flying and Hovercrafting.

  • Creative Activities

    Crafts; Gang Shows; Bands; Camp Fire Stunts

  • Activity Training

    Training and assessment courses for all adventurous activities as well as Outdoor First Aid training.